What are Selected Authors?

The Selected Authors program seeks to help Steemian writers who don't have a large audience to get more exposure, and help everyone discover great content from new writers.

Steem Tag Search has seen exponential growth since its inception, and is backed by prominent Steemians such as @papa-pepper. The project's vision is to make it easy to discover great content, and it is well on it's way to achieving this. The next logical step is now to make it easy to discover great content from not just authors you already know, but also authors you have never heard about. The Selected Authors program solves this problem.

Selected Authors' content currently show up whenever Steem Tag Search is unsure of what you want to read. (see example), and will be expanded into more places, and applications, in the future.

How can I nominate Selected Authors?

Deciding on how to determine the quality of writing on a large scale is difficult. A common approach is to base it on popularity, but this method has numerous problems, and makes it difficult for writers that write good content, but don't have a large following to be noticed.

To mitigate this problem, we decided to use a small fee to nominate an author. This is based on the rationale that writers with a small audience generally also have a more engaged audience, so they will be more likely to pay the fee than less engaged fans of writers with a larger following.

This way Selected Authors will be selected only based on the quality of their writing.

You can nominate any Steemian to become a Selected Author for a given tag by sending 2 STEEM to @nemos with a memo following the pattern below. All the proceedings go to the future development, and maintaining of Steemit applications like this one.

Memo pattern:

TS-Nominate: <author>, <tag>

For example, if you want to nominate me because I write such good programming articles, you'd write:

TS-Nominate: @kasperfred, programming

Once you have nominated a writer, it can take up to 7 days before they are registered and pushed to the servers, but it's usually live within the first 48 hours.

You can only nominate a writer once per tag. So you can nominate multiple writers for the same tag, and the same writer for multiple tags, but not the same writer for the same tag multiple times.

Currently, all selected authors are ranked equally, but in the very near future the frequency any Selected Author show up will be proportional to the number of people who have nominated them.


Can I nominate myself?
Yes. You can nominate yourself.

Why 2 STEEM?
We didn't want economical factors to be limiting. The 2 STEEM are a symbolic gesture that a user likes a Steemian's content, and want to help them gain exposure. Research into marketing has shown that there's a mental barrier for people to pay money for something, but once convinced, it is less important how much. In fact, the Steemit Whitepaper mentions this as well. The small fee is a kind of "likeability test", and to avoid bots.

What if the value of STEEM increases?
The fee is not definitive. It may change over time as the value of STEEM, and other factors come into play. The overall philosophy of the gesture is what we are setting the fee after.

Can I pay more than 2 STEEM to increase the author's ranking?
No. The fee is not driven by economical incentive, but is as a meter for how much people like an author's content. Any fee above 2 STEEM will be considered a personal donation to the maintainer of the site.